Telling video stories is the reason we get out of bed. It’s why we stand in the freezing rain, the scorching sun, hang out of helicopters, climb mountains, scamper up storage tanks and go just about anywhere to get the shot.

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Recent Work

PHSA – BC Children’s Hospital Operating Room – Recruitment 2019


BCEHS Community Paramedicine, Geoff Walker

WaterStories in Vancouver, BC

HSBC Water Program – Water Stories

Steamworks Flagship IPA

Steamworks Flagship IPA

Vancouver Police Recruitment

Blueprint of Teck Acute Care Centre

Designing the Teck Acute Care Centre

Port Mann Bridge Highway 1

Building the Port Mann Bridge

Truck on Port Mann bridge

TReO Travel Times

Katy Milne from PHSA

PHSA Profile Vancouver Island Cancer Centre

Richardson Grain terminal in North Vancouver


Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology

Sydney and golden retriever Dexter

PHSA Profile Recreational Therapist