Working with Steam

It’s always interesting how new video projects come our way. In this particular case, it was through someone that is very close to my home, as a matter of fact, it was my roommate. Together with his business partner, they run a Vancouver based digital marketing agency called AMBR.

There has been talk about doing a collaborative project, so when Steamworks knocked on AMBR’s door for a website with a promotional video, the opportunity to work together had suddenly come to the surface.

Derek filming 4K FS700
There’s no drama without smokemachines.

Our stoke levels within Oh Boy rose immediately, as we were very familiar with Steamworks and their products. Especially on Fridays… Not only were we going to promote a local Vancouver brewery, Steamworks was releasing a brand new IPA as well! That’s a double win situation.

We sat down with their Marketing Manager, Justin Van Mulligen, and we were very pleased to learn that they wanted to incorporate some fun into this piece.

After having gone through a few script and storyboard revisions, we were finally set for a 6 hour video shoot that went surprisingly smooth given the fact that at the same time, they were doing all the labeling and packaging for the new Flagship IPA. Once we had finished the filming on location, Justin joined us in our Beatty street studio to record the voice-over.


And now, at last, it’s finally here… After having heard that line over and over again, the edit was ready, the color correction had been applied and the sound effects were all in place. We were able to deliver them three different versions a few days before the official launch, which they were really happy with. To top it all off, the Flagship IPA had also been awarded the Best in Show award from the BC Beer Awards. Make sure to check out Steamworks’ newest member at

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