Marley Gauthier: Reaching for Her Dreams

A born natural

When the coaches saw five-year-old gymnast Marley Gauthier, they thought she was coming from another gym. Little did they know that this was her first class – ever. Now nine years old, she is one of gymnastics’ most promising young stars and training full-time in the hopes of representing Canada in the Olympic Games.

“She just keeps surprising us.”

Her parents Dana and Trevor Gauthier knew they had something special in Marley. Before she even attended a class, she was teaching herself moves that fooled coaches into thinking that she had previous training.

“She is really fast learning,” said her coach Ekaterina Lobaznyuk. “She has the whole package.”

Dana agreed. “She just really loves learning.”

Support her journey

It takes a team to build a dream. Marley is already training 14 hours every week. It’s a 90-minute round trip from home to the gym each time – plus tournaments, coaching, registration, apparel, physio, etc, etc … It’s a massive financial and time commitment for everyone on Marley’s team! If you’d like to follow her progress and/or contribute to her Olympic dream, please check out her Go Fund Me page here:

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