Don’t sell the product, sell the mission.

– Chris Savage, CEO & Co-Founder, Wistia

Wistia is an online video hosing platform. They specialize in video for business, and advanced analytics.

WF17 @ the World Trade Center, Boston MA
Welcome to WistiaFest17



This week, I attended WistiaFest, in Boston, Massachusetts. It was my first time here, and also my first time to anywhere on North America’s East coast.


Blew. My. Mind.


Both the conference and the city were so welcoming, and I felt right at home instantly. WistiaFest is all about video for business. From production, to strategy, to marketing and distribution – we covered it all. Sold out, but with a small enough group that allows you to make real connections. It has a very collaborative and friendly atmosphere. Along with some amazing keynote speakers, its all put on by Wistia’s employees who were everywhere in their red t-shirts and positivity. They are authentically fun-loving, great people and you can’t help but feel at home.



Day 2
Day two on the main stage


Authenticity was a recurring theme of this conference. When we create videos in today’s video saturated world – authenticity, being your true and perfectly un-perfect self is the only way to be unique. The cliches are dead, the sales pitches have all been heard – today’s audience will pick up on cheesy scripts instantly, and tune you out just as fast. But if you can have real humans in your videos, humans with emotions, flaws, quirks and vulnerabilities, your audience will relate to that first, and then here your message, or learn (invest, buy, connect with) your product.


Another topic I followed while here was the effectiveness of video strategies. Remember, that after you go from idea conceptualization, to pre-production, through production, post-production, revisions, and finally to publishing your hard-earned masterpiece video… you’re not yet done. Video projects don’t end with it being posted to your YouTube channel, or Facebook Page, or your website. In fact, this is when the life of your video for its audience just begins. Now it’s time to nurture its effectiveness, reach that audience. Now it’s time for that video to work towards that goal you set when you started the video development. ‘We need to educate’, ‘We need to promote’, ‘We need to raise awareness’, ‘We need to be seen’… whatever you goal was, now is the time to promote your work. Whether using data analytics from your video hosting site, using paid placement to go after a specific audience, using a strategic email campaign, or sending the link to your mom and friends – using the the right approach with intent, will greatly increase the effectiveness of your video.


Boat cruise
Boat cruisin’ around Boston.


Celebrate your culture. As video producers for so many great companies – anytime we’ve produced a company culture or recruitment type video there’s always one common theme, and it goes like this…


Interviewer’s Question: ‘What do you like about working at the _______ company?’

Employee’s Answer: ‘The People’.


And yes, if you’re anything like us, you enjoy the culture and people you work with. You laugh with them, you joke with them, and then sometimes you put on a suit and your serious face because the camera’s are coming and it’s time to be professional. Nope… don’t do that. Be yourself, in life and in video – your audience will connect with your passion, your authenticity and your mission .


Don’t sell the product, sell the mission.


Make Video
Derek on the go at WistiaFest 2017

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