Stu McNish

Exhilarated Storyteller

As an award winning broadcaster, Stu McNish founded Oh Boy Productions in 1997 and still thrives on the art of storytelling. No matter how simple or elaborate the plot-line will be, he is able to leave you on the edge of your seat, craving to hear more. Stu’s natural ability to reveal the key messages in each story combined with the creative skills of the other team members makes Oh Boy Productions the dynamic video production company it is today.

Derek Hader

Caffeinated Creator

Leading the team, setting the standard and leaving clients speechless are just three of the many skills Derek brings to any project. Mr. Hader has an ability to create suspense and tension in videos that demonstrate the exceptional talents of his subjects. When Derek does a video about you or your company you feel like a superhero.

Lyrio Castro

Number Cruncher

Our anchor, the glue that binds us and a thousand and one other metaphors that let you know we couldn’t and wouldn’t live without the steady hand of Lyrio Castro. Throughout her life and career Lyrio is the embodiment of focus and determination against all odds. If it needs to be done and done well you can count of Lyrio. No job is too much or too little.

Max Bailey

Proud Moped Owner

Just look at that face and you know everything you need to know about this exceptional videographer. He’s creative, innovative, determined, disciplined and he’s a lot of fun. Nothing excites Max more than producing videos even if that means waking up at 3 am to get the perfect shot. If you’re awake at that time look for Max cause he’s out there somewhere.

Mark Power

Craftsman of the Edit

Mark’s mastery comes in the form of creativity, responsiveness, and extreme dedication to his craft. Hailing from Ireland, this guy has a steady sense of focus and detail that is apparent in his storytelling throughout the edit.  Looking for drama and a powerful emotional response from your video? Mark’s unique ability to blend emotion, audio design, motion graphics and b-roll into a smashing edit is at your service.

Greta Gibson

Greta is an amazing member of our team, who still needs more info in her Bio… coming soon!







Arnold Cheng

Arnold is an amazing member of our team, who still needs more info in his Bio… coming soon!