Our Services

Video Production

Corporate videos are often way too corporate. Your organization is made of real people. Let us tell that story, reveal the human side. Whether it’s about health and wellness, construction, technology, recruitment, services or events - the skills of our team mean your story will stand out. We work to connect the right audience your brand, your story, your people. We take the time to understand your perspective, combining that with our creativity and experience to produce videos that are compelling, affordable and on message.

Video-Podcast Production

Do you have a topic that you are itching to talk about? Do you want to get your podcast professionally edited and promoted? We can do all of that! Simply come into our studios, sit down, and record your show – we will take care of the rest! Your video-podcast will be edited and produced in sparkling high definition audio and video, and we will help you promote it. Contact us for rates!

Live Events

Vancouver is brimming with engaging events. Our city offers stunning backdrops for all types of gatherings— conferences, literary readings, annual meetings, festivals, parades, even marathons. We know this city in ways that capture your event effectively and on budget.


Conferences, workshops, beautiful faces and products— we offer photography services to showcase your work, your people, and your culture. Update your marketing portfolio or your company profile. Do you have multiple locations in mind? Great. We're fully mobile. Contact us to discuss our photography services.

Our Shows

Conversations That Matter

Conversations that Matter is an in-depth interview program hosted by veteran newsman Stuart McNish who sits down with thought leaders on the issues shaping the future of Canada. We provide viewers with a 360 view of the issues that will determine the way we live in the coming decades. Conversations That Matter— now in its fourth seasonis partner program of the SFU Centre for Dialogue and works with media outlets including the Vancouver Sun and Bell Media.

Housing Matters

Housing Matters is a video-podcast produced by Oh Boy Productions for the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, and Postmedia. Each week, host Stuart McNish sits down with several experts in the Vancouver real estate and housing field, and tackle the ever-ongoing issues of affordability, supply, regulations, taxes, laws, and more.