Our Services

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are often way too corporate. Your organization is made of real people. Let us show the human side of your organization or your story. Whether it’s about health and wellness, construction, technology, resources, HR & recruitment, products, services and/or events - we've seen it all and Love telling these stories. We work to connect with your brand, your story, your people and understand your challenges and goals. We're always easy to work with because we take the time to understand your perspective, then combine that with our creativity and experience to produce videos that are compelling, affordable and contain the exact message that you want your audience to hear.

Media Training

With over a decade of experience as a news reporter, Stu knows how the media works. He shares his insights during simulated interviews and walks you through the editing process on the spot. Our media training is a one of a kind focused communication model that ensures the message you develop works, that it survives the interview and editing process and ends up in the story on purpose rather than by luck.

Live Events

Vancouver is brimming with engaging events and it’s no wonder. Our city offers stunning backdrops for all types of gatherings- whether conferences, literary readings, annual meetings, festivals, parades, even marathons. We know and love this city and we'll capture your event effectively and on budget.


Conferences, work shops, beautiful faces and products - we offer photography services to showcase your work, your people and your culture. Let us help update your marketing portfolio or your company profile, we'll have you looking sharp! Do you have multiple locations in mind? Great. We're fully mobile. Contact us to discuss our photography services!

Our Shows

Conversations That Matter

Conversations that Matter is an in depth interview program with thought leaders on the issues shaping the future of BC. Our goal is to provide viewers with a 360 view of the issues that will determine what our province will be in the coming decades. Land Claims, pipelines, LNG, tankers, education, civic engagement, health care, education and more. Media partners include the Vancouver Sun and Bell Media.