Top Tips For Re-purposing Old Video

Let’s make a video… they said.

Make a video… they did.

Done… they thought they were.

If you’ve ever made a video, it is quite likely this is the path you took. We are all guilty of it.

Typically, we recognize the need to spread a message. We craft that message. We plan shoots, we shoot and shoot and shoot, and edit, and tweak, re-edit, tweak, tweak, tweak till that shiny, beautiful video is ready for its glorious launch to go viral, get millions of views, shares, tweets, likes and bring your audience flooding to your doors.

OK, maybe about half of that workflow rings true most of the time. We go through the motions, we launch that video on YouTube… do nothing more. Sit back while, eventually, those views hit mere double digits. All that work, the creative effort, the investment in time, energy and budget for hardly any attention. Where did we go wrong? Maybe video isn’t all that powerful after all?

The truth is, when you launch a video, despite all the work you’ve done (which was probably a lot), you are only halfway done. This is the point when your video Beginsits life. It is now, only just now, out there working for you, for your message.


Help it thrive!

I could continue to explain the necessities, intricacies, complexities and overall effectiveness of digital marketing. Hashtagging, sharing, embedding, promoting, boosting SEO for that video, etc.. but that is Robin’s expertise (and why she’s the Social Media Magician at Oh Boy).  She covers these topics in her blogs and one-on-ones with our clients. So I’m going to assume you’ve done all that, and move onto that final step you may not have considered.

You Can Extend the Life of your video by re-purposing it:

As beautiful as that original edit was, it’s now old. How can we make it fresh again and put it back to work?

Let’s say you’ve got a three-minute video that includes beautifully shot interviews and B-roll (supporting non-speaking footage of people and operations/products), maybe it was even shot 4K (that’s good). Here are a few ways you can use that valuable material:

Shorter clips:

You can now load up to 60-second video clips to Instagram and share them directly to your Facebook page as you load them. Why not take those beautiful B-roll sequences (that sexy product shot, or great laugh between co-workers) and load them to you daily or weekly posts with a brief description, hashtags, email and direct your followers to learn more on your webpage?

Often great interview clips can stand alone without the rest of the video. A solid statement could be cleanly cut out to stand alone and serve as a useful tidbit down the road to engage your audience.

Or maybe there was even an amazing unexpected clip from an interview you shot that ended up on the cutting room floor because it didn’t quite work for the edit, but is too good to be forgotten/unused. Tidy it up, turn it into a GIF like we did below with a fun moment from a recent video shoot with our client TI Corp. and share those great moments!

Doing the robot with TI Corp on Vancouver’s Port Mann Bridge

Shorter Edits:

Take your 3-minute video, and distill it down to your core message. Now you’ve got your best shots, and key message in a 30-second package that you could use as a Pre-Roll ad on YouTube or as a sponsored ad on Facebook that’s even more likely to engage your audience for its full duration.

Still Frames:

A still frame is a JPEG image you pull from your footage or edit. And the beautiful thing about video is that it is usually shot at 30 or 24 frames per second… that’s a lot of options! This isn’t the same as photography though it should be noted, and you likely won’t be pulling any images to print. But for online usage, and especially if your footage was shot in 4K, this can work quite well for all sorts of posts and online usage. Like the bubbles still frame I pulled here for the good folks at PHSA.

Blog Posts:

Writing a decent blog post is fairly time-consuming. But blog posts engage your audience, and is a valuable tool for marketing tricks like SEO and driving traffic to your site. So skip the writing! You’ve already painstakingly written that script for your video. Transcribe it, format it properly, and post it on your website. Now your audience has the option to watch through the video, or read the blog post, and almighty Google SEO machine will catch on to all those juicy keywords which now wait in searchable, indexable text format… And don’t forget to share it to your LinkedIn and send a link to your Mom too.


It used to be subtitles were just for translating (which is another good idea) foreign movies. But nowadays, as we speed through our Facebook feeds while the boss isn’t looking, it’s not often we’ll stop to enable the sound on a posted video. That is unless it has been subtitled, and we catch some interesting context that would’ve been missed/ignored on a non-subtitled talking head. So have both options ready to go!

Behind the Scenes:

OK, this one is a bit of a cheat because (unlike the previous suggestions) it actually requires a bit of planning ahead during the pre-production phase.

Take some production photos while you’re shooting the video to tease the upcoming launch of the video

Include an extra camera person on shoots to film the behind the scenes action. Film some interviews with the Creative Director, Producer, and stakeholders to explain the reason for making the film, the challenges and the victories along the way.

Engage your audience:

If you’re getting comments on your video, respond to them!  If its a particularly valid conversation that your audience genuinely would like answers to, make another video specifically to cover that topic!


Video is engaging. It is spreading like wildfire on the internet these days. But, if you simply post and forget about it, it’ll quickly get buried and forgotten. Nurture your video efforts. Keep them at the top of the feed and you’ll realize that goal of having your message heard.

At Oh Boy, we are Storytellers.   


Derek Hader is Caffeinated Creator at Oh Boy Productions. He spends all of his time making awesome videos and taking lots of photos while balancing that ever-present cup of joe.

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