Social Media Engagement – Live Where Your People Live

Alright, let’s talk about determining the most engaged social media audience for your business or organization.

First, I’m going to wow you a bit;

Social media drives modern business.

There are 2.56 billion global mobile social media users, with one million new active mobile social users added every day according to We Are Social

Not wowed?

Did you know adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking (95%) according to MarketingSherpa? 

Those are big numbers.

So, now for a few silly questions:
Do you want to increase brand awareness?
Do you want to generate more leads?

I have yet to run across a businessperson who doesn’t want more business. Social media can get you there. Where do you even start?

Find out where your people live.

Determining which social media platforms your potential customers are most engaged and active on is the first step into the digital marketing world.

I’m a big fan of this nifty report from The Pew Research Center that lays out the social media demographics for all of the major platforms. Read it, know your people, figure out where they are hanging out.

Then, know where your competitors live.

This is way less creepy than how it sounds. Check out the platforms they are using. Knowing what is working (and what isn’t) for your competitors lets you quickly see the potential for your products on different social media.

Next step: Ask yourself what kind of content are you creating and needing to push out to the public.

Is your marketing stream focused on short videos? YouTube and Facebook become your home base.

Are you blogging intricate how-tos? WordPress for the process and Instagram for the results land you a powerful combination of platforms to wow your potential and current customers.

See how your content determines your platforms.

Finally: How much do you want to manage?

Let’s get real, we all have limited hours in the day. Determining priorities and your realistic time commitment determines how deep you dive into social media.

Once you’ve got those details mapped out, you can begin to establish a social media marketing strategy, set up your new tools and get going. It’s worth it.


Robin Rivers is the Social Media Magician at Oh Boy Productions here in sunny downtown Vancouver, B.C.

From her perch atop her IPhone, she guides businesses and organizations through the murky waters of social media in order to create clear, vibrant distribution channels for their messages.

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