John Lee: making a difference

A father-daughter outing

A few weeks ago, Anna, the youngest daughter of Oh Boy’s Stu McNish encouraged her dad to join her in doing a selfless good deed. Stu was happy to spend this time with Anna, to donate his blood, and to enjoy the free cookie he was offered following his donation. While dining on his chocolate chip treat, he was curious (as Stu is) as to why the gentleman he was sitting with was lucky enough to be sporting two “I gave blood” stickers, instead of one.

“Today is my 400th donation”, replied John.

Oh Boy, what a guy!

“What a great story,” Stu thought. And it grew from there.

Stu (as Stu does) was immediately inspired and intrigued. The result – Stu decided Oh Boy shall wield their powers of Storytelling to tell John’s amazing story, and more like it. His story, which was generously supported by Canadian Blood Services, is now the first of an ongoing series of positive people we feel should get the recognition they deserve!


The start of a new Oh Boy feature

We want to tell more great stories like John’s. We need your help to identify the unsung heroes. Help us showcase people and groups that make you think, “Wow! That is awesome!” or “What a Story!”

Do you know a person or group deserving of this honor? Nominate someone today! 

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