An unique view of Vancouver

We get to visit a lot of different places and this time we were located on the construction site at Richardson Grain in North Vancouver. In order to get a really nice shot with an overview of the site, we decided that it would be great if one of us could climb up the 250ft high tower crane. Immediately I started to get excited about the views from up there, so I volunteered and started my ascent on quite the narrow stair case.

As I was climbing up the yellow steps, I stopped my movement and still felt I was swaying. I looked out and I realized that that was exactly what was happening. When you’re on the ground you don’t realize it, but those tower cranes do have quite the sway in them up top. I felt I had just entered a miniature of the Eiffel Tower.

After a solid 5 minute climb I finally reached the cabin and met with the crane operator Paul Welder. He was excited to have a visitor over and carefully explained to me where and where not to go. I slowly looked out over North Vancouver and the Skyline of Vancouver and I couldn’t be in a much happier space at that point. I grab my camera equipment from the bag and started filming as many different angles as I could. Just when I thought I had captured all that I could, Paul came out of his cabin and said that he had about a 10 minute break. He offered me to get into the small trolley and get a ride all the way out to the front of the crane. This is a once in a lifetime experience so “no thanks” wasn’t even in the picture. I left all my equipment at the cabin expect for 1 canon DSLR with a standard 24-105mm lens. What followed was an amazing 360 view of not only the construction site, but a big part of the beautiful North Shore and Vancouver as well.

As I was getting ready for my journey back to ground level, I asked Paul for his card and promised I would make a quick little video for him of the view, so that he could show his friends and family what he has to deal with everyday. A few of my shots form up there made it into the final video for Richardson.

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